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Hand-held Screw Machine with Screw Feeder

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    سعر الوحدة: USD 3000 / Set/Sets
    الدفع نوع: T/T
    Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF
    أدني كمية الطلب: 1 Set/Sets
    موعد التسليم: 15 أيام

معلومات أساسية

نموذج: RESM001

اكتب: التواء المفك

مواد: ارتفاع الكربون الصلب

المسمار رئيس نوع: توركس

بناء: نوع مستقيم

بحجم: مشترك

استخدام المكان: إصلاح المنتج

تعديل: مع تعديل

مطوي: تكشفت

مقبض اللون: معدني

عمر التطبيق: بالغ

Voltage: DC Low Voltage

Power Supply Voltage: 220V

Power Source: Electricity

Automation: Semiautomatic

Additional Info

تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليف: Woodencase

إنتاجية: 10000sets/Year

علامة تجارية: RENER

نقل: Ocean

مكان المنشأ: China

الشهادات: ISO9001

رمز النظام المنسق: 8467299000

ميناء: Shenzhen

وصف المنتج

The hand-held screw machine is composed of a locking tool and auto screw feeder, hand-held tool alignment products under pressure after a lock screw, auto screw feeder brought a rapid screw screw claw, saving hand screw time.

Automatic ScrewdriverAutomatic Screwdriver
Functional characteristics:
1.Screw automatic feeding, without the use of hand screws, the liberation of a hand, flexible operation, suitable for fixed-point operations.
2.The efficiency of up to 40 per minute, the screw conveying distance up to 4 meters, the artificial lock how fast, how fast to send machine.
3.A hand-held tool compact appearance, adjustable torque, with spring balancer or balance arm, the operation is more labor-saving.
4.At the hole under pressure, the spring sleeve retracts, group bar out of the locking screw, after the completion of the sleeve spring release and automatic nail feeding.

Screw Machine Suppliers

About us:

Dongguan Rener Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R & D, industrial non-standard machinery and equipment production, sales and service automation.Our products are widely used in automatic production of standard fasteners, hardware accessories, auto parts, electronic parts, electrical appliances, plastic hardware, locks, medical equipment accessories, cosmetics, sanitary products and other industries. Undertake mobile phone connector, automotive, medical, hardware, wire, all kinds of consumer electronic products, sanitary products and other non-standard automation equipment R & D project development, to undertake a variety of plastic hardware products production line, assembly line, automatic machine manufacturing, design various automation solutions.Effective for the enterprises to solve the problems in high cost, low efficiency and serious quality, recruitment difficulties, labor trouble etc...For all enterprises to save resources, improve efficiency, achieve social harmony and win-win and customer.

Our main products: plastic & Hardware assembling machine, sanitary assembly machine, automatic locking screw machine, spring separating feeder machine, we developed a number of sanitary assembly line has been successfully put into production in the Middle East.

We have experienced technical backbone and a strong engineering team, and provide overseas machine commissioning and overseas training experience and service, make the enterprise production line put into production, we provide technical support and thoughtful pre-sale customer service for customers in the industry field, we will make unremitting efforts to strive for the majority of customer service. Dongguan Rener automation technology limited company's good faith, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all world of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation

Non Standard Machine Manufacturer

Customer Service:
1) Warranty period:1 years (Non-human damage and other factors)
2) Provide logistics, customs service.

Pack In Woodencase

After services:

1. How long will your engineer reach our factory?
Within one week after machine arrival your factory.

2. How many days will you finish installing & commissioning ?

We will finish installation,commissioning and training within 15-25days.

3. What should we charge for your engineer?

You should charge for the cost of our engineer's visa, air tickets, hotel, food, and also their salary 50USD one day per person.

4. How long is your machine's warranty period?

All our machine have one year guarantee, starting from finished installation.

5. How could we do after one year warranty period?

We also can do service for you, but you need pay salary for my technician 80USD/day.

6. How could we do if the parts broken within warranty?

We would express the free replacement parts during the warranty date.

7. Does your engineer understand English?

Our engineers understand a little English. All of our engineer have more than five years machine installation experience. In addition, they can use body language to communicate with customer.

Pls Note:

For these are non-standard machines.If you are interested in our machines,pls kindly provide your product samples and requirements to us for evaluation,We can provide you with solutions,thank you.

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  • Hand-held Screw Machine with Screw Feeder
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